Shinbu Aikido

Shinbu Aikido


Coaches: Cesar Vinaly, Doug Brafford, Bob Trobich (right) & Andrew Nasson (left).

Western boxing is called the 'Sweet Science'. We approach it from the 'floor up'. Whether you want to fight, get conditioned, or just for self-defense... you'll train the same.  

Shinbu Aikido

Shinbu Aikido

Shinbu Aikido


 Instructor : Sensei Seth Black (far right)

Sensei Seth Black began his Aikido training in 1992.
Since then he has had the opportunity to study

  • Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu
  • Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo
  • Kendo
  • Nana Fufuro Ryu Yawara Jutsu

In 2006 he introcuded a powerful new style of Aikido known as 'Shinbu'. 
Shinbu Aikido relies on "aiki" and appears magical. 

Muay Thai

Shinbu Aikido

Practical Martial Arts


 Instructor : Arjarn Doug Brafford

Thai boxing is one of the most sought after martial arts today.

The 'Science of 8 Limbs' as it is traditionally referred to offers the prospective student a martial art that literally translates itself from the ring to self-defense with little or no modifications. Utilizing kicks, punches, elbows and knee strikes, one can gain multiple benefits of self-defense, cardio, fat-burning and muscle toning as well as strength training.

Our instructors are certified in the UWMTA, USMTA and TBA. 

Been teaching Martial Arts in Charlotte since 1992.

Practical Martial Arts

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting

Practical Martial Arts


 Instructors: Sifu/Guro Doug Brafford & Frank Hinson

This class approaches training  from a weapons-based perspective as the arts were traditionally taught and progresses to empty hands. PMA draws alot from Filipino Martial Arts(FMA), Muay Thai, Boxing,Jeet Kune Do(JKD), Silat and Larry Hartsell's Grapling.  These arts are very comprehensive offering the student the opportunity to become proficient in kicking, striking, with trapping and grappling. Consequently the serious student can become highly skilled in long, medium and close quarter contact.

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting


Instructor: Eric Lowe

Eric Lowe began studying Medieval German longsword in 2013 under world-renowned instructor Tristan Zukowski of the New York Historical Fencing Association (NYHFA).  Quickly becoming competitive across the southeast, his dedication to the art drove him to found Swordwind in 2015.  Representing NYHFA in Charlotte, Swordwind students practice both German and Italian styles of historical fencing, competing in regional and national tournaments.  In only two years the club has grown dramatically, attracting a variety of students who share an enthusiasm for swords, history, and competitive martial arts.  

Tai Chi

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting

Swordwind Historical Sword Fighting


Instructor : Sifu Gideon Pagett

 Gideon began training in Lai Tung Pai in 1997.  He has continued his training under Sifu Li Chi Keung, and has travaled to Hong Kong to train with his Grandmaster, Kong Hoi in 2014. He has achieved the rank of Sifu and now teaches the style to help Lai Tung Pai grow to another generation. 

Owner - Doug Brafford


Time line and Rankings

1983 - 1st degree Black Belt - Shorinji Toraken Do Kempo Karate

1984 - 2nd degree Black Belt - Shorinji Toraken Do Kempo Karate

      - 1st  degree Black Belt - Shorinji Toralen Do Jiu Jitsu

1985 - Certified Stuntman

1990 - Co Founder of Practical Martial Arts

1991 - Instructor - Jun Fan Martial Arts and Filipino Martial Arts - under Guro/Sifu Dan Inosanto

1993 - Instructor - Kru in Muay Thai under The Thai Boxing Association USA (TBA)

2005 - Opened Ultimate Gym

2010 - Instructor - Kru in Muay Thai under the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA)

2013 - Instructor - Arjarn in Muay Thai under the United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA) and the United World Muay Thai Association (UWMTA)